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All good things begin with an old man and a good dog.

Twin Oak Brittany’s was established in 2016 after I fell in love with my first bird dog Kate. Kate is not like any ole dog, she holds a special place in my heart. I got Kate for my 16 birthday from my grandpa. My grandfather and I worked together to train Kate. The memories I made training Kate with my grandpa are some of the fondest memories I have.

“Boy, you only get one dog like that in your lifetime and many men wish for a dog as good as her” (grandpa). Kate’s almost abnormal hunting ability has spoiled me. Breeding dogs like Kate are our standards at Twin Oaks Brittany’s.

It was the values of family and love for the outdoors that lead me to create Twin Oak Brittany’s. Our goal is to breed the highest quality dogs possible. Our dogs are bred to perform in the field and in the home.

Co-owner-James Foreman

Meet Our Dog’s


Kate was born on April 1, 2016. She is a purebred American Brittany. She weighs 35 pounds. Kate was my first bird dog, we got her from a breeder out of Kinder Louisiana. She is a descendant of Nolan’s last bullet a famous field trial dog. She was pointing quail wings at 15 weeks old and retrieved her first bird at 21 weeks. She is a very athletic dog, with lots of stamina, perfect for long days of hunting.


Peanut is was born in October of 2012. We purchased peanut in 2016 from the same breeder out of Louisiana. she is the mother of Kate. Peanut was used primarily as a breeding dog. She has had 2 litters and all the puppies where healthy. Peanuts’ maternal ability is unbelievable. Her instinct for hunting is very good. She covers a lot of ground and practically never tires.


G.W. was born on March 2, 2019. He was from the very first litter we ever had. The mother was Peanut and the father was a stud dog from Taylor Champion Genetics out of Pampa T.X. He immediately showed signs of bird sense and athletic ability. He has grown in to be a great bird dog, as well as a good friend.

Products and Pricing

Female American Brittany puppy = $850

Male American Brittany puppy = $750

Discounts = 20% off dog for active duty and veterans.

Bird dog and obedience training = 65 per day / 350 per month/ 1 year = 1500

Boarding (3 days minimum/ no maximum ) = 45 per day

Dogs available (currently don’t have any)

Disclaimer: The availability of puppies can vary daily. This website is updated daily but checks and deposits can be in transit. The date a check is postmarked determines the order of pick.

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